About Us

A Word From Our Founder

If you suffer from dry skin and related issues, believe me you are not alone! This is my personal story…
From the time I was a child, I have suffered with eczema and severely dry skin. In my childhood, dry skin was an issue that I did not have the tools to get around. Because of the experience that dry skin brought to my childhood, I now understand how appearance can affect self esteem.

For years, I felt like a prisoner in my own skin. Because of this, I did not enjoy many friendships in my youth. I was a true loner…but–

I became really interested in science and I made my first bar of soap in Chemistry class at the age of 16. Learning about soapmaking was a great experience! My bar of soap was the only one in the class that had color and fragrance because I asked my teacher how those things could be incorporated.

As quickly as the knowledge came, I didn’t pursue it then and eventually forgot about that experience. But the laboratory was a place that I enjoyed and felt free there! I felt powerful and confident there.
For about 25 years, I worked in the pharmacy profession and for a period of time I even taught aspiring Pharmacy Technicians, helping them to get externships and certification.

Then along came 2016…
My church needed to raise funds and I remember saying to God that I did not want to sell dinners because everyone does that in churches. I asked God to give me something so that I could be able to help my church and myself at the same time. This is how The Apothecary’s Gift was born! God gave me instruction on what to do and how!

I am really thankful to God for my very special gift!

At The Apothecary’s Gift, we bring smiles and confidence to women in the African diaspora who suffer with dry skin issues. We help them to uncover their true beauty and purpose through our products. We help women discover the best version of themselves and show it to the world.

Our products include soaps, body butters, lotions, bath salts and more.

We hope that you enjoy our products! Let us help you to smile today!